8 weeks

Front-End Engineer



After you complete the Foundations you continue to specialize in front-end engineering. Front-end engineers are fundamental part of any tech team. They are responsible for translating graphical mock-ups into web pages by creating the user interface (UI) that determines what each part of a site or application does and how it will look, as well as establish communication between the interface and server with JavaScript.

In this part of the pathway program participants will build an extensive knowledge in JavaScript, as well as get hands on practice with popular frameworks and libraries such as React and Redux.

In addition to the technical part of the program students are exposed to agile software development, as well as soft skills that matter to succeed in the IT industry.

Who is eligible to enroll?

  • Those who completed the Foundations program successfully or
  • accommodate the prerequisites and want to make a career shift to software engineering.

What are the prerequisites?

This pathway program is accessible to all inquisitive people who love to know how things work. If you have beginner knowledge of JavaScript, some web development experience and B1 level of English, also can:

  • understand common data structures and algorithms,
  • build dynamic pages using HTML, CSS and JavaScript,
  • create docker images and simple CI/CD pipeline, build and deploy those,
  • design a database from requirements,
  • have basic knowledge of databases,
  • use Git for version control,
  • inspect websites using Developer Tools on a modern web browser.

Who is in the teaching team?

  • Industry leading trainers
  • Mentors
  • Guest Speakers

What is in the program?

  • Instructor-led practical sessions
  • Individual assignments
  • Professional portfolio
  • Soft skills that matter
  • Group projects

Quick Details

Format: Face-to-face classes, assignments, guest speakers, mentors and real-life projects

Selection Process: Application, assessment, technical interview

Duration: 8 weeks

Language of Instruction: English/Armenian

Frequency: 3 times a week

Application Deadline: 9 October

Fee: Free of charge


JavaScript ES6/ES12





Design Patterns

Software Architecture

Agile Software Development

Soft Skills

Employability Skills



Karapet Hovhannisyan

Karapet Hovhannisyan has more than 5 years of experience in software engineering. As a front-end engineer, he specializes in building SPA (single page applications) using popular frameworks and libraries such as React and Redux and is proficient in using React for both mobile and web applications. Karapet holds a bachelor’s degree in Informatics and Applied Mathematics from YSU. As an experienced and enthusiastic engineer with great interpersonal skills Karapet is dedicated to contribute to the development of IT sector in Armenia by building more than 2 years of teaching experience.


Vahe Momjyan

Award-winning innovator, serial entrepreneur, and technologist with 15+ years in software development, lead of massive-scale projects, and developing products. Started first venture 10 years ago, which was eventually acquired by one of the client companies. Co-founded and developed technology in AI and logistics startups. Led teams at Amazon Web Services (AWS Australia) Networking department across multiple locations focused on the development of software solutions for managing massive scale interconnected network devices. Adjunct lecturer at the American University of Armenia. An active member of open source communities. Presidential award winner. Pending US Patent on “Massive Mobile Network Data processing, collection, and analysis.”

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