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12 Weeks

Developer Foundations



Our Pathway curriculum provides solid software engineering foundation to start a successful career in tech. The goal of our pathway programs is to equip students with knowledge, advanced skills and practical experience in software engineering.

During the first 3 months participants will learn the foundations of software engineering and gain practical experience through real life projects. The Foundations program includes face-to-face lectures, assignments and projects, peer-learning, collaboration, and industry-relevant curriculum, meetups, guest speakers and mentors to guide you through your projects.

By successfully completing this stage participants will move on to deepen their knowledge in Back-end engineering, Front-end engineering, AI Researcher specializations accordingly.

Who is eligible to enroll?

  • Fresh graduates who wish to start their career in IT industry,
  • Open-minded tech enthusiasts who have the motivation and determination to succeed,
  • Those who accommodate the prerequisites and want to make a career shift to software engineering.

Who is in the teaching team?

  • Industry-leading trainers
  • Mentors
  • Guest Speakers

What is in the program?

  • Individual assignments
  • Professional portfolio
  • Soft skills that matter
  • Group projects

Quick Details

Format: Face-to-face classes, assignments, guest speakers, mentors and real-life projects

Selection Process: Application, Test, Technical Interview

Duration: 12 weeks

Language of Instruction: English/Armenian

Frequency: 3 times a week, evening hours

Fee: Free of charge


Computer Science and Software Engineering Fundamentals

Frontend Development, HTML, CSS3, JavaScript

Quality Assurance and Software Testing Fundamentals

Data Structures and Algorithms

Design Patterns


DevOps Essentials

Computer Networking

Security Concepts


Vahe Pezeshkian

Vahe Pezeshkian received his bachelor’s degree in IT Engineering from the Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran, Iran in 2011. In 2014, he graduated from the American University of Armenia, obtaining his master’s degree in Computer and Information Science. Being a developer and having gained experience in multiple projects, Vahe continued his studies and obtained his post-graduate degree from the Eindhoven University of Technology in The Netherlands, where he participated in diverse initiatives in healthcare, precision agriculture, and DevOps domains in different project stages from requirement elicitation to deployment and operations. Vahe is a senior software engineer at Workfront, an Adobe company. Being an enthusiast about industry-education integration, he has also given lectures at the American University of Armenia.

Martun Karapetyan

Martun Karapetyan has more than 12 years of experience in software engineering. He is experienced in Blockchain, ML, distributed database systems, EDA, etc. Martun holds a bachelor's degree from YSU, a master's in Computer Information Systems from AUA and a PHD in Cryptography from the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia.

Vahe Momjyan

Award-winning innovator, serial entrepreneur, and technologist with 15+ years in software development, lead of massive-scale projects, and developing products. Started first venture 10 years ago, which was eventually acquired by one of the client companies. Co-founded and developed technology in AI and logistics startups. Led teams at Amazon Web Services (AWS Australia) Networking department across multiple locations focused on the development of software solutions for managing massive scale interconnected network devices. Adjunct lecturer at the American University of Armenia. An active member of open source communities. Presidential award winner. Pending US Patent on “Massive Mobile Network Data processing, collection, and analysis.”

Artur Davtyan

Artur Davtyan has more than 5 years of experience in the IT sphere, mostly in Corporate Networking and DevOps professions. He holds a Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Control Systems and automation from NPUA. Artur is currently a Ph.D. student in NPUA, he is an Annual Educational Award winner of the President of the Republic of Armenia "Best Master Student", the winner of 100 ideas of the Armenian Military science competition, the Best Engineer 2018 gold medal (NPUA) awardee.

Shahen Hovhannisyan

Shahen is a software architect with over seven years of experience. He has a proven ability to get things done, whether it's extending and improving an existing project, or developing one from scratch. He's a great team player and mentor, with the mentality of a leader. Shahen moves easily between technologies. He is equally comfortable developing for iOS, Android, and web, and is proficient with applications, system architecture, and solutions requiring high amounts of detail.

Hovag Abramian

Hovag Abramian is a computer scientist, researcher and entrepreneur. His current research areas include game-based learning and teaching technologies. He has also been teaching at American University of Armenia as an adjunct lecturer for the past two years.

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