Sponsored by Webb Fontaine, Sourcemind is an innovative academy with top quality education, customized instructional design, and industry-leading professional trainers. Sourcemind provides unique learning environment where students acquire knowledge, skills and experience necessary for their career in tech free of charge, on charitable basis.

We aim to provide well-rounded training programs that can gradually turn a beginner to an employment-ready professional in tech sector. You will start from basic, more general courses, and move on to studying more complex topics and gaining actual practical skills. Each path consists of logical succession of courses, exercises, and projects, leading you to acquire skills and know-how several courses, after which you will become a fully functional junior professional.

By joining us you will have opportunity to learn from industry leading specialists who have diverse working experience in different IT companies.

Our Mission

Sourcemind was created with the mission to inspire, educate and empower motivated and talented people to succeed in tech industry.

Our Vision

To shape unique talent for the IT industry through innovative learning programs powered by world-class methodology, high quality instructional design and outstanding professionals.